Dustland Express – An Idea

Deep inside every child of the world, there’s a big dream. This dream usually involves helping other people. “when I grow up, I wanna be a fireman, a vet, a doctor” Why? I’ll tell you that it’s definitely not because of the money. We want to help people. Other kids say, “I want to be an artist, a musician, a writer”. Because creativity is one of the greatest joys a human being can experience. Slowly as we grow up, we learn that it’s naive to want to help people, nothing will ever change. And we learn our creativity can only be a hobby, to be done after we have spent at least 8 hours working, a few hours driving, shopping, eating, exercising.

It fades.

And we become jaded, dreamless, and almost pointless. We drift around trying to elevate our status in our group, trying to impress with our humour and our material gains. But most of the time, we feel empty. No matter what we do, no matter how much fun we say we had on those drunken friday nights getting wild with our friends, we still feel it. The fun we had was merely an escape.

Dustland Express is the expression of the kids inside of us. After our 8 hour days, we get together and try to create. We try to create music in such a way as to awaken the child in us, and in you. We want you to dance, to sing. To not care about the judgements and your status, but to care about the wellbeing of each person.

To help.

Awaken the voice that is saying, “this is not what I wanted”. We want you to question the adult in you, the cynical bastard telling you that this is the way it will always be. This is where the philosophy of Dustland Express lies. It lies in the beautiful ideas of Carl Sagan and David Attenborough, mixed with the discontent of Noam Chomsky and Peter Joseph. It lies in the idea that things can change, and we need to change it.

It’s about time